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July 31  2009 037

One of the best parts of being home together is how close the bond is between us all. Especially heartwarming is the children’s friendship. Above Sadie puts on a puppet show for Elijah. Below he returns the favor. The story lines were similar and always seemed to end with the puppets running screaming from the stage across the playroom and two children giggling hysterically.

July 31  2009 038

July 31  2009 046

We continue with our Star Wars Monopoly game. I continue to hover around the poverty line while the children put up apartments and towers. There is no ‘letting them’ win. They’re just winning (and not very gracefully…).

July 31  2009 047

July 31  2009 039

This game is Jenga with a twist. It comes with a colored dice and each player must roll to see the color of the plank that they will remove on their turn. It makes it a bit trickier but always fun when it topples.

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