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I had one of my ever-present days today. They feel great- the ones where my mind follows my heart and all actions follow my guiding principles for life and family. There was a spectacular tea party complete with storytelling. Polly Pockets were dressed to the hilt and drove out of the car dealership in style on dirt bikes and in monster and garbage trucks (it was Sunday in our play so all vehicles were declared FREE). Simply shaped blocks, both large and small, were used to create a mall  and then a playground for tiny pets. Sadie hung a curtain in the hallway and the kids put on several plays in full costume. We made cookies. At some point in the afternoon the kids took off by themselves to play and I managed to vacuum the whole house in one day. It is confirmed to be true that if I follow my heart and their lead, everyone’s needs are met in the span of the day. So involved in participation was I that not many pictures were taken. Later in the afternoon, however, as Sadie played Clifford the Big Red Dog phonics games on the computer, Elijah asked if we could play store. I had no idea how serious he was…april-17-2009-053

Dry-erase boards were used to make ‘Sorry We’re Closed’ and ‘Yes, We’re Open’ signs. Yard sale stickers were used to price each cubby in the bookcase. Elijah filled his change purse with coins and a cash box was made for the store. I was the shop keeper and he, the shopper. Most of the game was the setup portion but he did purchase several items for $1.48 and worked through his change to provide me with exactly the appropriate amount. I had previously been confused as to why he didn’t think I would need a cash drawer…



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Fresh Air Fun

On a very windy morning, we played outside with our neighbor Alex and his mom. We flew kites in our front yards. After many trials, it proved to be TOO windy for kite flying. Alex’s family speaks Spanish as a first language so his mom fostered Sadie’s interest by speaking in and discussing Spanish with her.



We’re finally getting to our backyard pond project. Here, the kids and I are moving their sandbox to the other side of the shed so that we can put our pond in its previous location. After having DigSafe come to inspect the locations and depths of wires in our yard and then cross-checking with aesthetics, it was deemed the best place for it.


We’re still bird watching! This is one of our many House Sparrows (I think- my camera’s not great at long range on a dark day) hanging out in our neighbor’s tree.


After one of our walks with the dogs around the neighborhood, Sadie inspects her finds and combines them with previous finds to create various inventions.



We went on a shopping trip to the local dollar store. The kids love taking a few of their dollars (plus change for tax) and choosing things to buy. Among other things, Elijah purchased animal crackers and this basic math workbook. Add to that Sadie’s pretzels and we had ourselves a sidewalk party. Yes, we sat down on the sidewalk near the store, broke out the snacks, and played with math. There was lots of giggling and a heavy appetite for snacks and… numbers!

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Dollars to… Dollar Store

Elijah decided last night that we were overdue for a trip to the dollar store. He had some change burning a hole in his piggy bank so we sat down to count out how much he needed to bring. He decided $2 would be enough so we set to work sorting and making dollar piles.

Sadie took his cue and got down to business trying to figure out which ones were the quarters. With an 8.5% sales tax, the kids figured out how much extra they would need to pay ‘the Man’ on top of toy money (8 1/2 cents for each dollar).

We couldn’t go on our adventure without a map so Sadie drew it and then recited the directions to me while I drove:

1. Take the road that goes to the dollar store.

2. Turn into the parking lot.

3. Find a parking space.

4. Step up onto the curb and walk through the door.

So general and yet so specific… 

It felt a little strange taking out the camera in the dollar store so you’ll have to take my word for it. Careful selections were made by both children, cashier was paid exact amount, plastic toys and fuzzy red purse are being cherished.


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Let’s Ride!

It’s hot, I need a workout (see my marathon training blog), and we need groceries… let’s ride! We hitched up the bike trailer and headed off to our nemesis- Wal-Mart. I avoid this store like the plague but riding to any of our usual drive-to stores- though the same distance- requires navigating dangerous traffic. It’s a trade today. The kids packed their shopping lists (Elijah- granola bars, Kix, apples/Sadie- vanilla extract, peaches, blueberries, and M&Ms (for Daddy)), snacks and stuffed animals and I packed the soft cooler and off we went! It was tough going. The heat is tolerable when sitting in the shade but much less so when towing 81 extra pounds of children behind a bike. What a difference in our shopping when we make it a journey and everyone is involved in the process. Next time, though, we may brave the traffic. I couldn’t get most of the items on my list and Sadie couldn’t get her peaches because of the low quality of the produce
and the distinct lack of any natural varieties of foods/meats. Chalk this up to a journey. I had to go shopping again later in the day- this time by myself- for most of the family necessities.

Doesn’t Elijah look thrilled to have his picture taken? 🙂


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