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Get Ready, Daddy!

We hit the salon before flying home to see Daddy. Though I can cut Sadie’s hair, she has been dying to go and have her hair done by someone else. Gloria fit the bill! She was so great. Sadie feels very stylish with her short, little bob (see subsequent posts). Elijah did his usual head toss to show his stylist what his hair must still be able to do (fly around and hit him in the face) after it is cut. He was very happy with his results as well.

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Last Digs

With one day left in Santa Barbara before heading home to Texas, we decided to hit the beach one last time.

Soaking up every bit of baby Emma. When discussing why we can’t take Baby Emma home with us, Sadie insists it’s because we don’t have a crib for her. 🙂


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I Bark for Barack

While I am slightly behind on blog posts- so much going on in Santa Barbara and now I’m trying to pack us up for our trip back to TX (!)- I needed to let you know that I bark for Barack.

Find out where we saw this and other fantastically decorated happy dogs in a blog post coming soon!


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In Pursuit of Ducks

So we still have tons of bread and no one to feed it to. We’re told that Lake Los Carneros in Goleta is the place to go. Park by the road and follow the foot path to the pond.

Easy enough. Here’s the footpath….

Still no pond but what’s with these awesome trees?! I would have needed a panoramic lens to capture this archaic and tremendous being. It canopied an entire area and its branches (which dipped to the ground and then grew back up) could easily have been mistaken for other trees. Incredible. We climbed and were thankful for it. But where’s the pond?

Reluctant to leave the tree but always up for a good mystery hunt, we tried to find clues that would tell us which paths might take us to said pond. We tried taking all the paths that went toward more green areas (that would indicate more water, right?). Then Elijah found a dried creek bed that he felt would be used for run-off from a pond. He told us we should follow that up as that would be where the water would come from.

When you’re in the woods, stick with Elijah. This was the scene that stretched out before us when we crested the hill. Breathtaking.

As we approached the pond, we saw a few ducks and were pleased. Within 10 seconds we were overrun with HUGE geese and a random assortment of TONS of ducks. It was overwhelming and a little frightening. New Hampshire taught me to be afraid of geese and these had their webbed feet standing on my flip-flopped ones as I shielded the children from what I perceived as a potential threat. Turns out they’re just REALLY friendly (and hungry). Wild.

This guy’s (we haven’t yet figured out what they are) babies had just hatched and were wobbling around and wiggling their wing nubs. After we fed him bread, we watched as he went down and regurgitated morsels for the babes. There were also several demonstrations of impressive aggression in defense of the area the babies inhabited.

We got WAY more than ducks this day.


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Alameda Park- Take 2

We decided to try Alameda Park in the morning this time with much better results. We all had a great time. This is a beautiful park with a really great playground.

Big kids…on big kid swings!

Once again- fantastic playground but we spent most of the time on this tree. What a great tree!

Emma’s nickname is Emma Strong Tree. We thought it only fitting that she pose with another strong tree…

There was also some great playground play. Here Elijah helps Sadie brush off her pants after a tumble off the slide. We followed this visit with a trip to the library for more books and videos. Have I mentioned they have a great library in Santa Barbara?


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Happy Birthday Auntie Kimmie!

Yes, it’s Auntie Kimmie’s birthday! We had a yummy breakfast out with the Sanvictores and Clement families then…

…we must make a cake! Clever Kimmie has just the thing.

Bunny Cake!!!

Then off to 2000 Degrees to paint some pottery! Elijah and Sadie each did a handprint (at my annoying Mama insistence) and then worked together to paint this platter. It was frustrating not to be able to see the actual colors that we picked out (the pigment comes out when they’re fired) but it will be so exciting to see them when we pick them up (talk about delayed gratification!).


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Wine Country

On a not-so-lazy Saturday we embarked on a picnic adventure in Santa Inez Valley- wine country. We wine-tasted and had a picnic on the lawn of a beautiful winery that had a backdrop that Hollywood couldn’t recreate (though it was so gorgeous, it made one wonder how it could be real).

The kids play with Todd- a man who embodies the spirit of childhood. They were so excited that he came to play!

After the picnic, we went to an ostrich/emu farm where the kids fed emus and we gawked at ostriches.

This is an emu- a frighteningly ugly and prehistoric looking bird. They make a low growling sound that makes the hair on your neck stand up.

This is an ostrich which, next to the emu, looks like a regal bird. We were inches from them. They are enormous, intimidating, and their movements are very strange.

Their faces are kind of pretty!

‘They run so fast!’ says Sadie, pointing some out in the distance.

Then we went to Solvang (a Danish town)- for baked goods, of course!
Then more wine tasting! No good pictures of that since it’s hard to taste wine and convince 2 kids who aren’t tasting wine that it’s fun to watch adults taste wine. However, Sadie was into the ‘nose’ and commented on a few of the scents she noted as I swirled.


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