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Eyesores and more!

We met our friends at Bear Creek Park in Keller for a scenic walk, bike ride, wiggle car, stroller ride along the 1-mile path to one of our favorite playgrounds.  It’s been a while since we’ve made it over there.  The view has changed along the way.

The kids were aghast. “It’s ugly, Mama,” Sadie said when she saw this just off the walking path:

This was once a longhorn pasture that provided a breathtaking view as we passed by on the wooded bike path.  It is now completely taken over by a walled-in natural gas rig.  They’re going up everywhere around here.  Just the other day we noticed that they’ve also put one up in the pasture that borders our subdivision.  They do more than scar the skyline.  My conservationist, solar and wind savvy children probed for an explanation of this marring of one of their sacred places. 

Here’s what I knew:

1. They’re ugly and anything that ugly can’t be good.

2. There are billboards up all over the place promoting natural gas propoganda- anyone that spends that much money to promote a product and dispell ‘myths’ is generally up to no good.

3. Homeowners are being paid varying prices and going to battle over their fair share of dividends for the gas under their property.  When Earth’s non-renewable resources become currency to be haggled over, we’ve lost sight of what’s really important.

But clearly we all needed more information about this.  TX Sharon provides more than her fair share.  I can’t thank Sharon enough for her thorough and current resource-FULL site.  Yes, we all know more but, for once, I wish this information had come from an antiquated textbook and not real world experience.

From TX Sharon’s website:

MYTH: Natural gas is the clean fuel

FACT: Measuring pollution from the beginning of exploration and production to consumption—Cradle to Gravenatural gas causes devastation to our environment.

MYTH: Barnett Shale gas will make us safer.

This is a lie perpetuated by fear.

FACT: We do not import any natural gas from any of the so-called “axis of evil” countries.

Natural Gas Imports by Country

Canada is the largest importer of natural gas to the United States.

MYTH: Barnett Shale gas will make us energy independent.

This is an emotional appeal based on fear not fact. Only 11 percent of our oil in 2005 came from the Persian Gulf and NONE of our natural gas came from there.

FACT: There is almost no chance that we will ever be energy independent as long as we use hydrocarbons.

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Photo Shoot

The kids were extra-cute and I was feeling camera-happy.



Elijah (aka- camera-shy) was feeling quite amenable to a few photos… but only a few! Sadie, on the other hand, took this chance to ham it up!









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