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Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Oh my gosh!  We almost forgot about this!  The Dallas Symphony Orchestra puts on really great programs for school children.  And, yes, if you homeschool, you qualify.  They require, however, that seats be purchased/reserved at the beginning of the school year so they can plan their programs.  So this snuck up on me! 

We went to a program called ‘Musical Families’ in which each of the families of instruments were introduced (color coded so it was easy for the kids to pick them out), the differences between the instruments in the families were described, each played a piece of music, and then all of them played together.  As homeschoolers, we got the best seats in the house again this year- in the boxes!  We all enjoyed this program very much.  The length (45 minutes) was perfect as the kids’ attention was beginning to wane at about 40 minutes :).  The DSO organ is world reknowned and justifiably so- it’s collossal pipes and sound are amazing (and hearing the Adams Family theme song on it was so fun)!

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