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It doesn’t get easier.

We cried when we left Texas. We cried when we left California. Arizona. Texas again. Florida. And now we’re crying as we leave New Hampshire. Family, old friends, and new friends that quickly become old friends. It doesn’t get any easier to say, “goodbye.” We’ve been in NH for two and a half months. That’s the longest we’ve stayed in one place since we embarked on this RV journey one year ago. This is where Chris and I began our journey together with the loving support of our families; where our babies joined our lives; where we met and fell in love with a handful of other families who shared our desire to parent in a connected way and to support our children in pursuing their interests and learning in their own individual ways.

So when you ask me, “is it hard for the kids to say ‘goodbye’?” I’ll tell you the truth. It’s hard. Sometimes it’s beyond hard. Today it’s unbearable… for all of us.

I don’t have a way to make it easier. I have hashed this out over and over in my brain wondering if this was somehow damaging or mean to do to the children. Like with most things, though, the light dawns through our communications with them. We feel the emotions together. We talk about the people we love. It’s raw and honest. We even wonder aloud if traveling is the right thing if it hurts this much to leave.

Here’s what we came to today: We love our friends and family here so much. Time spent here is time spent wrapped in the comfort of the fold. These people are our people. When we are here, we are home. But our home moves. And that is amazing. It means that we have the ongoing opportunity to nurture and develop relationships with people along the way and at our destinations that we would never be able to do if we lived full time in one place. We have adventures and excitement beyond our wildest dreams. And we maintain these heartfelt connections made and grown until we return to throw another log on the fire in person.

We love our life. But saying ‘goodbye’ doesn’t get easier.


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