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Loving Emma

When we were considering this adventure to CA to care for Emma, a friend of mine (Jenny) said- ‘Think of what a wonderful experience this will be for the kids. They will learn the selflessness and tenderness of caring for a baby.’ I hadn’t even thought of that… And Jenny- you are so right.

These guys LOVE each other. Emma cracks up at Elijah and Sadie and they just think she’s the sweetest little babe. They each have their special tricks to help her when she fusses. And they’ve gotten really good at occupying themselves or helping during her feeding times (which take both Mama’s hands).

Elijah guards sleeping Emma. “Stop Sadie,” he whispers. “Baby Emma fell asleep!”

Sadie gives Emma a cool sponge bath on a hot day.


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Stearns Wharf

Feeling out how maneuvering three kids would work, we ventured out to Stearns Wharf. On the way, we stopped at the skate park and watched the skill and antics of the young men there during snack time.

The kids rode their bikes to the end of Stearns Wharf where we had lunch, walked around, and hit the candy store.

Then back to the beach for a little exploration before riding back to the car.

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