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Hoop Mama

A couple of weeks ago (I’m catching up post our trip to New Hampshire), we got together with the Wagner and Janssen families for some potluck, conversation, and… hooping!  I was re-introduced to the hoop after what may have amounted to a 25 year hiatus.  We definitely didn’t pick up where we left off.  The first night was spent becoming re-acquainted- some straight up, old school waist hooping and a little bit of the booty bump.  Having done a trick and feeling really smooth with the hoop, I was hooked.  We were a group to behold- several women, one man (who rocked the hoop), and a handful of children all hooping in the twilight.  Those of us without, wanted hoops of our own.  We made a plan to get together again the next night for hoop making and more spinning. 

These are not your ordinary, plastic toy aisle hoops.  They are made of irrigation tubing making them heavier, more comfortable, easier to spin, and tougher to kink/break.  They’re also gorgeous and personal!  I feel very bonded to my hoop after spending the time making it.

Rather than re-creating the hoop- er…wheel, here are instructions for making your own hoop a la Sara Janssen.  I warn you- it’s addictive. 

Here are the hoops that Sadie (blue on blue), Elijah (blue and purple on pink), and I (alternating red/yellow & purple/blue) made.  They are all different sizes according to what felt good when we were hooping with others’ and that’s great because different sized hoops work for different tricks so I can switch it up if the kids aren’t looking. 🙂

Learning recently that I can collapse my hoop for easier travel, I am thrilled that we won’t have to be separated.  With our recent vacation, I was itching to get back in the spin.  I’ve been working on the lift and am now ready to move on.  My plan is to start watching more videos and trying out new tricks.  My hoop needs a little more weight so I’ll be adding more gaffers tape and possibly making one slightly smaller as Elijah is not always willing to share. 🙂  Many have asked about making their own hoops so I’ll be purchasing materials and having a hoop making party soon!


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Wild Week of Wagners

This week has been a whirlwind.  Tara and Justin Wagner and their son, Zeb, have been in DFW for the week and we have just been soaking them up!  Instant friendships and deep connections were had by all.  The knowing smiles and wisdom had in their short time on the road in their RV has inspired and comforted us.  They even shared some of it on a Humans Being podcast for all to enjoy!  For those of you still unaware of the Clan of Parent’s not-so-secret plan to travel the country by RV, you may want to listen to this one first.

The kids all hit it off in a big way with swimming, Legos, ball playing, wiggle car-ing, hooping, and many other activities during our visits.  Chris and Justin broke off for some chatting of their own- both technical and philosophical- over a beer or two.  Dads are coming together to support one another in lives fueled on joy, passionate pursuits, creativity, and… veggie oil! 

Sara, Matt, Bella, and Lucy Janssen also made their way to DFW this week!  We all got together for a couple of potluck dinners (which I highly recommend for the ease and yummy variety!), some lively discussion, and hooping! 


Hallie Collett Garcia assists Elijah with taping his handmade hoop.

We made our own hoops and began learning to hoop dance.  This is a whole separate post which I will share soon so stay tuned!

Parting was, indeed, such sweet sorrow.  I wanted to hug too tightly and for too long.  Knowing that our paths in the RVs are undetermined and ever-flowing, I didn’t want to let go.  Is it so different when we bid farewell to those we know in ‘stick’ homes?  Because we know their specific location, does it make us miss them less?  Does it make it easier to let go?  It felt so.  And yet, I felt a thrill.  “Come see us this summer in Louisiana!” says Tara.  And we could…


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