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Art Day

We check this out at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art:

Over Rainbows and Down Rabbit Holes: The Art of Children’s Books

This magical presentation features approximately 70 works of art created specifically for children’s books. These original works, seen as independent creations while connecting with their literary context, inspire the imagination and celebrate the creativity of making picture books for readers of all ages.

It was fun! Elijah was especially interested (though photos were not allowed in the actual exhibit) and we spent time in the center of the room, after checking out the art, reading the books from whence it came.

Then it was off to the beach to ride….

check out the Art Walk- weekly booths set up for local artists to display and sell their works…

and watch the squirrels play in the creek bed.

This was hysterical. The kids stood here like this for about 10 minutes. Almost immediately, hordes of adults started coming over to see what they were looking at. The squirrels drew quite a crowd (I’ve never seen baby squirrels and there were several here) as a result of Sadie and Elijah’s curiousity.

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Beach Babies

Here we are in Santa Barbara! Baby Emma needed some company while her mama went back to work so we were excited for her to show us around! We’re here for 5 weeks (4 more now) and are having a blast. Sending big hugs to Daddy who’s playing warden to the animals and homestead!

A couple of bikes off of craigslist have been perfect for these busy bodies. They’re riding all over downtown Santa Barbara.

They are positively loving the waves. Elijah has a beach addiction- we’ve been 3 times in 5 days. Many more to come. Says Sadie, “I want to be a surfer when I get big. I guess I’ll need some lessons!”


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