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Spring is upon us!

Yes, it’s spring.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous.  We’ve been spending tremendous amounts of time outside doing all sorts of exciting things with all sorts of wonderful people.  Here’s a catch-up:

Rollerskating around the neighborhood- our wheels were not acceptable for the local indoor rink so we are just as happy to enjoy the weather and play together outside at home.

We’re making the rounds of the playgrounds on foot, bike, rollerskates, and wiggle cars.  This run-down jungle gym was an unexpected find on a bike ride one afternoon.  The kids thought it was pretty funny to climb on the window of the school bus.

Several people have asked me, when discussing unschooling, how my kids get PE (aka- gym).  I have to laugh because we’re always on the move! 

FINALLY- winter chill and wetness are gone and we’re getting together every two weeks for our DFW Whole-Life Unschooling Meet-Ups!  Discussions so far this spring have ranged from supporting health and wellness by listening to our children listening to their own bodies to talking to people about unschooling.  These are long days full of thoughtful, supportive, open-minded discussion and children frolicking happily on the playground, in the wooded areas, and in the creek!

We’ve hung out with old friends (Sadie and Rachel eat lunch together at the park).

And new friends!  The kids (after another fabulous children’s theatre production at Casa Manana) explore a 200 year-old pecan tree at the Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens with Milford and Crewe (of New Zealand). 

Creeks are a big fascination this spring.  We’ve spent a LOT of time exploring water!

We’ve got Miss Skooter with us almost everywhere we go.  She’s the kids’ baby and best friend.  She’s gotten quite big (for a small dog, mind you) but is dwarfed by Lulu.  We’ve found some great wild areas to explore near the house and are learning all the time about and because of our sweet pups.  Here Lulu looks longingly at what we presume to be an animal den.  It’s cleverly protected by cacti which keeps her at bay.


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Nature’s Super Spies

We’re super spies!  Super spies of nature!  We had a date with Daddy for lunch and decided to investigate the beautiful campus around his building before meeting him.

We came armed with native Texan bird and plant/flower identification flips, a camera, binoculars, super spy glasses, and gloves. 

We have many pictures of flora and fauna from this afternoon- a gorgeous spring day to wander and investigate nature’s wonders.  They were noticed, touched, scrutinized, discussed, and compared to the pictures in our brochure to identify them and read their informational tidbits.

Pine cones, sticks, leaves, etc. were taken home for use in fairy houses and random games as yet unknown.

A gorgeous day to stop and smell the goldenrod, cedar, and feed the turtles.

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Upon some pool pump checks, Chris found a baby rat trapped in a storage bin. We threw some birdseed in and the kids read to it while we completed the morning’s list of things to do. We brought the little cutie to Bear Creek Park and turned it loose to the wild (away from our house).

June 20  2009 003

It just so happened that we parked next to Elijah and Sadie’s favorite car! They have both vowed that someday they will have convertible VW bugs. Sadie’s will be blue and Elijahs will be red. June 20  2009 004

But remember the rat? Shortly after the baby rat relocation, we heard scratching in the walls and between the levels of the house. It didn’t sound like rodents. It sounded like cats. Chris researched and we did everything in our power to get them out to no avail. An exterminator visit later, the rats have gone and we have located their entrance (on the roof) where Chris and his friend, Justin, will be going soon to batten down hatches.

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Friends with Flair

Time and availability of dads had us going out on a limb with this one. We started a playdate with the Quinns in the late afternoon! There was lots of swimming.

June 7  2009 185

(left to right) Sadie’s feet, Elijah, Declan, and Alistair.

June 7  2009 190

Scuba Sadie

June 7  2009 191
Scuba Liam

June 7  2009 193

How to get waterlogged kids out of the pool? PIZZA!

June 7  2009 194

Somewhere we lost a few of the kids. While cleaning up the patio, we came in to these 3 little cuties (Sadie, Liam, and Alistair) who moved a chair over to the counter to gain access to the fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Brilliant!

June 7  2009 199

Even Motley got in on the action. Here Alistair shares some snugly time with our sweet piggie.

June 7  2009 201

Though we have been with Liam during his breathing treatments before (Liam has chronic asthma that is easily exacerbated and needs regular nebulizer treatments), Sadie seemed to notice it for the first time on this evening. She was curious and for the next several days we had quite a few discussions about premature babies (Liam was 7 weeks premature) and the issues that often come with that as well as smoking, air pollution, and illness as situational issues that can exacerbate his predisposition to breathing problems.

June 7  2009 204

Me: “Wow, Liam. That makes your eye look really big!” Liam turns around with a dry smile. Liam: “Does it make my butt look big?” I laughed so hard I nearly cried.

June 7  2009 206

The big boys were peaceful late in the evening- building with Legos and constructing marble runs. It was definitely different to see two boys who are usually so silly and wild with each other sitting quietly with intention. This was a fabulous evening. We’re trying new things and going with the flow and it’s just wonderful. Our playdate ended shortly after 11PM and it was all fun, games, and (as always) loaded with life learning.


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River Legacy Living Science Center

We had to head down to Arlington for an errand and decided to check out something cool in the area while there. Here we are at the River Legacy Living Science Center.

This hefty guy welcomed us to the premises.

The kids were hooked right off the bat. They really make the most of the space there and the aquariums and terrariums are beautifully housed.

Elijah measures his horizontal leap (3′) and compares it with that of the bobcat (15′).

This was the coolest way I’ve seen of explaining plant function. Each button (labelled CO2, H2O, Radiant energy, chloroplasts, food, and O2) when pressed lights up a specific path and explains/depicts how CO2, H2O and the sun’s radiant energy are used by the tree to make its food as O2 is secreted as waste.

Sadie and Elijah peer down into a landfill to examine the layers with these reverse periscopes that turn and go up and down.

Elijah checks out the rivers in Texas as they light up on the map and makes the connection that rivers are traveling bodies of water that empty into the ocean.

There was more inside but Sadie was anxious to explore some of the trails behind the center. Noon in Texas in July… We were thankful for the shade of the trees! We found some animal tracks in this dry creek bed.

Eagle-eye Elijah spotted this guy sitting on a log. Do you see him? We chatted with him for a few minutes. He turned his head to check us out but, no matter how close we got, he never flinched to move. We finally said, ‘good-bye.’

Back inside! Examining bobcat fur, scat, and nails then reading a book about the characteristics and habits of bobcats. Did you know that bobcats are native to most of North America (excluding Canada) but are becoming fewer and fewer due to decreasing habitat space and hunting?

The kids quiz me on whose tracks each of these are by giving me hints as to the animal’s appearance (pictured on the back of the card) and characteristics. This was so fun and their hints were awesome.


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