Studded Sadie

01 Jun

Can you see what’s new here?  If you can’t, she’ll gladly tell you.  Sadie announced a couple of weeks ago that her plan for her 6th birthday (still several months away) was to have her ears pierced.  Good enough, I thought, and filed it away with birthday plans in my mind. 

Yesterday, as we ate lunch at a local restaurant, Sadie expressed a desire to do it sooner – like, that day.  My lunch didn’t settle so nicely.  She was ready right then to make the leap.  We went to one of those prissy little girl salon places (it HAS to be there, Mama!) around the corner.  It took all of five minutes in a giant pink throne and two irritated sounding, “Ow”s for the whole process to be complete.  She has little flower shaped studs with white petals and blue centers.  I got all wriggly when I saw the little stapler mechanism with the pointed stud set inside.  She held my hand rather than my holding hers which seemed strange considering the 10 piercings I’ve had over the years.  She continues to wow us with her pain threshold and is positively beaming with her new ‘eye-catching’ jewelry.

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One response to “Studded Sadie

  1. deb the Turtle

    June 2, 2010 at 8:55 am

    Yeah for her new art!


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