Lego Contraptions

25 Apr

Yes, the fascination with Legos continues.  I would imagine the creators of Lego are filthy rich and I am thoroughly happy for and ingraciated to them.  These building blocks are so much more and we continue to find new ways to use them, create with them, learn with them, and enjoy them.  We’ve created magical lands, natural habitats, vehicles, castles, scenes lending hours of pretend play, stop animation movies, and now this…

Look what we found!  Lego Crazy Action Contraptions (In the children’s section of my book shop! When you purchase books through my Amazon store, it supports this blog as well as my unschooling advocacy podcast/site- is a book of plans for  building neat little projects that spin, move, and otherwise function.  We have a couple different types of these books and they’re all great.  Lego blocks are paired with rubber bands and gears according to diagrams so clear that even Sadie and I could follow them.

We’ve built a whole bunch of them.  It’s so fun!  The only thing we don’t like?    There are only enough of the different pieces to make one contraption at a time so we had to take one apart to move on to the next.

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One response to “Lego Contraptions

  1. v

    July 8, 2010 at 1:22 am

    There’s a LEGO Blocks podcast on Stuff You Should Know (through the How Stuff Works website). It’s been a while since I listened to it, but I always find those podcasts interesting. You guys might like it.


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