Journey Into Unschooling – Part 4

07 Apr

Now that the cat was out of the bag on our intentions to unschool (homeschool) our kids, we started seeking out as much information as we could get our hands on.  It was amazing the amount of like-minded individuals we found once we were actively looking for them.  As part of the process, we made many connections and even went to some informational sessions with friends who had similar questions and concerns that we did.

If I can make any suggestion to anyone considering unschooling or just getting started with the idea of it, this is it:

Immerse Yourself In It!

The more we learned and the more we sought out, the more we were sold on it.  It is because of this that we started to act as advocates for unschoolers everywhere whether through blogs, podcasts, appearing on National TV shows, and speaking at conferences.  Not that we have all the answers or that our way is right for everyone, but we are just so passionate about it that it just feels right to share with anyone who cares to know.

Our journey ultimately took us to Texas as lower cost of living, more homeschool-friendly state laws, and climate seemed to all fit in well with the lifestyle we were craving.  Since moving, we have found our ability to spend time outdoors has been a great contributor to our ability to see the world in which we live.  Wherever you live, use your environment as your classroom.  Kids and adults alike will learn so much from simple hikes and walks when your mind is open to learn.

As time has passed, we have morphed our life around unschooling to include all facets of what we do.  For us, it seemed strange to let the kids choose how and when they will learn about things, but then restrict them from choosing what food they want to eat that day, or decide when they should be going to bed.  Human beings by nature are very aware of their bodies needs and we have seen this in action by trusting the process with our kids and watching them make healthy decisions.  Of course this doesn’t mean they won’t ever eat sweets or something not deemed healthy.  It also doesn’t mean they won’t stay up late some nights and be tired the next day.  I can safely say I have done all of those things myself and still do on occasion (even as the responsible adult).  Equality in the household is what we like to look at it as.  Sarah and I provide the guidance and make sure we have a safe and comfortable environment, but everyone contributes to our daily living.

This is where we are.  Now you know how we got here.  For future posts I will be looking forward to talking about our current adventures as we unschool our way through life.  Stay tuned!


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One response to “Journey Into Unschooling – Part 4

  1. Cindy Wade

    April 8, 2010 at 11:58 am

    Yay! A dad who understands what we went through as unschoolers and can communicate that experience to others. We too morphed as homeschoolers. First we tried schooling at home which, of course, was a disaster. Then we decided we were homeschoolers but eventually settled into unschooling which was far more organic and beneficial for us all. When you’re passionate about what you do it is easy to become an advocate. I was asked once how did I become an advocate. I told the person to design a homeschooling business card and print the word ‘advocate’ after their name. It’s as simple as that but I told them be prepared to answer questions, be passionate and be ready to defend their right to homeschool. Great post Chris!


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