22 Mar

So maybe we’ll get a little snow.  Big deal.  We’re from New Hampshire.  These snows that people get all worked up about in Texas are small potatoes.  Holy crap!  We got 8 inches!!!  This is the view of our neighborhood from the conservation land/hill across the street.  Absolutely gorgeous to see everything blanketed in white.  The best part?  It’s gone the next day!  We found a few of our neighbors amusing as they attempted to use random household objects to clear the snow from their driveways.  We left the shovels and any desire to do any motions similar to shoveling in New Hampshire.  Drive over it  until it melts in 24 hours!  And what a collossal melt it was…

Elijah took his first sled ride down a pretty major hill with our teenage neighbor.  He usually prefers rolling to sledding but gave it a shot.

Sadie enjoyed several rides down the giant hill that dumped right into sharp-branched trees and pricker vines.  What were they sledding on, you ask?  Pool floats, of course!

I was quickly reminded of what happens when children are bundled into 14 layers of clothing (we don’ t have snow gear!) and proceed to walk up hills in deep snow…  The exhaustion hits suddenly like the spins after one shot too many.  Encouraging them home over running creeks (yes, Elijah fell in), through sticky mud, and snow was a trying experience for everyone.  Stripping off wet clothes at the door and settling in by the fire was perfect.

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