UTA Planetarium

10 Sep

July 31  2009 018

We went to the University of Texas at Arlington Planetarium to see the Secret of the Cardboard Rocket with some friends. This was our first planetarium trip together- exciting! UTA’s campus is beautiful and the planetarium was everything we had hoped. The show began with an overhead depiction of the constellations that can currently be seen in the night sky of DFW. Each was described, delineated, and enlarged for clarification. The show was a combination of cartoon animation, a cute story/characters, and loads of knowledge about each of the planets as they traveled to each and landed on those that were solid. Did you know that Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are made only of gas and, therefore, have no solid surface on which to land?

July 31  2009 007

July 31  2009 008

July 31  2009 006

Even Elijah’s pink pinguino was in on the fun.

July 31  2009 014

The show was awesome. I learned so much and the kids were riveted (without popcorn- that’s saying something). Here they are weighing themselves on Earth and then comparing that with their weight on other planets, the moon, and the sun. This was a very cool adventure.

July 31  2009 016

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One response to “UTA Planetarium

  1. Anne Smith

    March 16, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    I took my son to see the Secret of the Carboard Rocket and a few weeks later my 4th graders had the privilege to see it with their class-it was fantastic and so appropriate for kids of all ages; I can’t say enough about Secret of the Carboard Rocket. Everyone who has children should make a huge effort to see this special show. I love UTA Planetarium-it is fun and educational; what else can a parent and child ask for?


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