Disneyworld 2009

28 Aug
The drive from Ft. Worth, TX to Orlando, FL with an overnight in Tallahassee was not only painless, it was downright enjoyable! Backseat DVD players, lapdesks with art supplies, and loads of snacks made for a lovely, scenic trips. There was no, “are we there yet?” but rather, “how many states have we passed through? How many are left?” Though we left the navigation to the onboard para-professional in the dashboard, the travel atlas came in handy for the kids to analyze where we had been and where we were going.
Talk about visualizing your dreams! We’ve all been wanting and planning to go to Disneyworld since our tremendous time at Disneyland last year. We all saved our money and planned our trip with joy- but hadn’t anticipated it would come so soon! Chris happened on a great deal and we chose to say, ‘yes’ even in difficult economic times. We live today and plan for tomorrow. We drove the 18 hours and saved quite a bit (not to mention bringing loads of snacks which saved money and time) and stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort in Disneyworld for 7 days for the price of 4! What a tremendous deal for an absolutely amazing time.
There were just too many great pictures and moments not to share them all so I opted for the slideshow for this post. We visited the Magic Kingdom (3 days), Epcot (1 day), Animal Kingdom (1 day) and Hollywood Studios (2 days). With a guidebook from some Disney veteran friends and some in-depth research, we never stood in line for longer than a few minutes, did everything we wanted to do (and then some) at least once (and, sometimes (like the car track), 5 times!), ate like kings, queens, and princesses, and truly lived it up.

 Even after 7 days, we were all sad to leave this magical place. It seems unbelievable that the party was not just for us but would continue everyday- even after we left. I told the kids I would like to get a job there which was met with supreme disagreement. “You can’t get a job! We are homeschoolers! You need to be at home with us!” I don’t like the Florida humidity anyway… We all feel a flutter now when we see the Disney castle before a movie begins. We saw those fireworks- on the biggest fireworks night of the year. We were there. And it was wondrous.

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