Pond Home

05 Aug

As our backyard pond has grown in, some new friends have come to join. We often find toads hanging around now and hope that they will have the sense to stay in the pond rather than jumping into the pool!

June 7  2009 224

June 7  2009 225

Here, Sadie has a chat and a pat with one of our friends. We also have 3 fish in there! There were a few disposable fishies 😦 as we were working through the homeostatic kinks but we seem to be all set now. Now there are 2 goldfish that are getting quite large and one that is maintaining his dwarf status but holding his own. Snails hang around to  clean up the algae. I also use a pitcher now and then to water the container gardens and veggies with the pond water which is full of nitrogen and nutrients from the fish waste and then put new water into the pond from the hose. In order not to chlorinate the fish, it is done in small increments and the water is bounced off a rock which, I am told, will help some of the chlorine to dissipate into the air before going into the pond. It’s been a really fun addition to the backyard!June 7  2009 233

July 31  2009 066

We’re also getting some really interesting insects! Check out this stick bug. He thinks we don’t see him…

July 31  2009 069

It’s still a work in progress. I moved many of the ornamental grasses from the around the pool (they just looked boring there and were getting choked out by some other bigger plants) over to behind the pond to naturalize it a little more. It had to be done on a rainy day because it was cool and that’s the only time (these days) that a shovel can be gotten into the soil. I certainly got wet and mucky to the max but it was a lot of fun.  The other day, the kids and I took a walk over to the area near us where they are building a new subdivision. There are tons of rocks pushed aside off of the lots that have been dug up while levelling them. We filled up the wagon and brought them back to rock all around the grasses. I don’t have a pic of it yet (and we need a few more to fill it in) but it’s looking great!

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One response to “Pond Home

  1. brrit

    August 5, 2009 at 9:59 am

    That is looking awesome Sarah!

    By the way, did you order some beautiful blue flowering plant the last time we ordered something for the ponds? If so, it is doing very well over here. I bet we got our plants mixed up. I have plenty if you are still wanting some. Just let me know.


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