Movies, Movies, Movies

05 Aug

June 20  2009 001

As there is no certain ‘bedtime’ around these parts, all in the family just tone down their activities in the evening whether that means quiet play, computer games, reading, TV watching or movies until such time as we put ourselves to bed or fall asleep mid-activity. Oftentimes, Chris and I will watch movies that the children do not find interesting or find scary so they will go upstairs to the playroom or their bedrooms to do their own activities. Recently, though, we have spent several nights cuddled up together on the couch watching movies/shows together. Some of our favorites:

Bridge to Terabithia

John Adams- the HBO series

Ice Road Truckers

A variety of shows from Planet Green (a new channel for us!)



We have also been to the movies a few times lately. Locally there is a theatre that plays movies slightly later for $1.25 per seat! We have gone to see:

Bedtime Stories (loved it!)

Hotel for Dogs (loved it!)

Race to Witch Mountain (kids and Chris loved it- I wasn’t there)

The Tale of Despereaux (kids and Chris loved it- I wasn’t there)

Monsters vs. Aliens (lamish- previews of this movie showed all the good parts)

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One response to “Movies, Movies, Movies

  1. Kim

    August 6, 2009 at 8:03 am

    I cried during BTT and HFD, my kids laughed at me…and then they were kind and stroked my hair. I forgave them. !.25 movies? That is too cool!


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