Grammy’s Here!

18 Jul

Chris’ mom came to visit all the way from New Hampshire! We were all very excited to spend time with her!

June 7  2009 047

Here the kids greet her at the airport with a million things to say.

June 7  2009 053

We stopped at Christina’s for some yummy Mexican on the way back to the house from the airport. Such a good restaurant and everyone must have a little (or a lot) of Mexican in Texas.

June 7  2009 062

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the pool and relaxing in the hot tub. The kids were super-psyched to show Grammy their extensive self-taught swimming skills. Margaritas were poured, water fights ensued, frisbees were tossed, and snuggles were had.

June 7  2009 063

Chris had a league basketball game that night and was thrilled to have his mom present like the ‘old’ days. While he was warming up, the kids took Grammy on a short tour around a beautiful portion of Bear Creek Park. They rode their bikes and we hustled to keep up. June 7  2009 067

Chris’ team burned it up. It’s inspiring to see grown men doing something they love to do and putting all of their critical thinking and critical mass into it.

June 7  2009 070

Sadie snuggles up with Grammy for part of the game.

June 7  2009 085

Friday was a trip into Ft. Worth! We wandered around the Ft. Worth Water Gardens and Sadie, Grammy, and Chris went down into The Active Pool. It’s amazing everytime. Elijah prefers to watch from above.

June 7  2009 078

June 7  2009 079

The kids and I climbed The Mountain and looked out over the city.

June 7  2009 081

This picture’s just cute. Two hot kids sporting their Boston-wear that Grammy brought.

June 7  2009 088

From the Water Gardens, we were off to the Ft. Worth Historic Stockyards. We wandered around appreciating the ambience and had some BBQ at Riscky’s (another must when one travels to Texas). Elijah saw the flying clock above outside a storefront and said, “I’ve heard time flies, but that’s ridiculous!” That boy is a crackerjack.June 7  2009 099

Yes, then back to the pool for more swimming/play!

June 7  2009 129

June 7  2009 139

Saturday was the 2nd tennis clinic that Sadie and Elijah were burning to attend. Unfortunately, there were just too many kids and the location was shifted last minute to a parking lot for the little kids rather than a court. It was clearly not as organized or fun as the first that we had attended. These instructors also had a heavy focus on doing it ‘right’ versus doing it ‘wrong’ which made a big difference in the energy. That didn’t squelch the kids desire to play, though- just affirmed that the country club with the instructors that focused on fun, games, and engagement is the place for us! The kids were really happy that Grammy got to see them wield their racquets a bit.

Thank you so much for coming to visit us, Grammy! We really enjoyed our time with you and look forward to doing it again soon.

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One response to “Grammy’s Here!

  1. Kim

    July 21, 2009 at 9:02 am

    Ok, so i am loving that i can listen to the pcast, and then pop over here to see some of things you discussed. Too cool. Oh, I am adding you to my blogroll…


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