18 Jul

I started out the day with the ‘greatest’ idea! We had gotten the kids one of those kits that come with a block that they bang and chip away at to reveal the hidden gems inside. I thought we could go on a walk, pretend we were explorers, hunt for the block, then chip out the gems. The kids didn’t get it. Why don’t we just get suited up and look for real ones? Slap in the head. These kids live in the real world and know no bounds. Why pretend to do something you can actually do? New plan.

June 7  2009 150

June 7  2009 154

We drove to some DORBA (Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association) trails nearby and began our exploration. We noticed many beautiful flowers along the way in addition to busy insects, squirrels, and a feral cat.


We also came upon a scientific study in progress.

June 7  2009 155

It was a hot one so we decided to bring our finds home and break them in the shade of the garage.

June 7  2009 162

June 7  2009 164

Pool goggles double as safety glasses!

June 7  2009 161

June 7  2009 168

June 7  2009 166

We found some really amazing colors and designs inside some of the rocks. Some of them were just too tough to break! And some were determined to be cement fill.

We eventually got to the gem kit but it couldn’t hold a candle to the real thing.June 7  2009 175

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One response to “Geo-Kids

  1. Kim

    July 21, 2009 at 8:59 am

    Holy crud, you found geodes! How friggin cool is that! We may have to smash some rocks…


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