Toad Times

23 Jun

Since putting in the backyard pond, we seem to have a toad that has taken up residence. We also haven’t found any dead toads in the pool which is an added benefit. We were late to a playdate on this day because the toad play was just too wonderful. The kids were so gentle and were absolutely loving it. Eventually they set him into the herb garden and we headed off.

May 29  2009 001

Around the same time, we went to Casa Manana for the last presentation of the year- A Year with Frog and Toad! It was as great as we had hoped. Sadie is still singing, “Toad looks funny in a bathing suit…” and giggling.

May 29  2009 035

It’s spring in Texas! This means torrential rains periodically with exciting thunder and lightning. One such storm lasted about 15 hours which is extraordinarily long in an area where, though dramatic, they usually blow over rather quickly. I finally ventured out into the yard at about hour 13 (after an evening of tornadoes touching down all around the area) because the pool was getting ready to overflow and needed to be diverted into the driveway. Sadie followed in her galoshes and windbreaker (neither of were of any assistance in the downpouring rain) and we noted that the little pond was also overflowing and several of the fish were going out of bounds. While netting the fish into a bucket to save them until the rain subsided, Sadie spotted the toad (we assumed the same one) once again looking for shelter. It ended up huddling next to the electrical box behind the pond.

That’s all I have on toads at the moment but we did seem to have a toad jag going on.

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