Taste of Addison

22 Jun

Texas abounds with festivals in the spring when the weather is just perfect for being outside. We love Taste of Addison for the great food, shwag from vendors, and the awesome evening bands at a great price ($5 each if you get in before 5 PM). We didn’t know how this would work with the kids but decided to try to get there just before 5 PM (to escape paying $10 each) and then stay to see Bowling for Soup at 9 PM. How did we kill 4 hours?

May 11  2009 055

Just near the entrance was the carnival area. Of course, the kids wanted to go there! There were way-too-expensive rides ($4 each???), lights, loud music, and funnel cakes (which suck Chris and I in every time- it’s the TX version of fried dough). Sadie needs her dose of thrill every now and then so Chris and I flip over who will have to overcome their vertigo and accompany her. I won! I won! Here we are taking an $8 absolutely horribly put together and run by someone who looked like they hadn’t slept all night roller coaster ride. I could feel every bolt on the track.

May 11  2009 056

Here, Elijah enjoys the view of the ride from the safety of the wagon while Chris photographs my terror.

May 11  2009 061

We ate from a few of the vendors (restaurants from Addison- which apparently has the most restaurants per capita in this area) then ran and played while jamming to the bands playing.

May 11  2009 064

May 11  2009 070As the crowd filled in for the main acts, we tossed down our picnic blanket, tickled, wrestled, and sucked on lollipops as we waited.

May 11  2009 065

May 11  2009 083

9 PM- Bowling for Soup!!! The witching hour upon us, it was the moment of truth. Would the children crumble and request to go home? No way! Not once. We were shocked and excited. Both kids loved this musical experience in their own ways. They laughed at the childish humor of the lead singer and chatted about song lyrics. The wobbled and weaved and bobbed to the music.

May 11  2009 071

Sadie rode shoulders most of the show for a better view.

May 11  2009 077

Elijah preferred to listen to the music from a lower vantage point. All of us had a tremendous time! We were home at 11:30 PM with two children already deep into REM. Live music- watch out! We’ve hit our stride.


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2 responses to “Taste of Addison

  1. brrit

    June 23, 2009 at 5:33 am

    I love the kids are enjoying the outdoor music stuff. Our kids are loving it as well. You never know what you’re going to run into with kids, late hours and loud music, but I think they really enjoy it when they see all the excitement of it all.

    BTW, nice to hear that you felt every bolt of the roller coaster too. Hate for you to realize that a couple were missing.

  2. Carrie S.

    June 23, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    Love this post Sarah! I look forward to when it’s a little easier for us to be out enjoying live music! I love it! Looking forward to meeting you in September! Carrie in AZ


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