More State Park Adventures

17 Apr

We are excited about Texas State Parks! We purchased a state park pass in the fall and it’s not going to waste. So far we have been thrilled with our adventures and plan to continue to explore the state’s offerings by way of its parks.

On this day we met our friends the Ritchies at Cedar Hill State Park in Dallas for some hiking and a picnic!


Here (from left) Dylan, Sadie, Faith, Nikki, Elijah, and Tony examine some raccoon tracks that were spotted in some drying mud. There was lots of inspection, natural treasure hunting, hiking, pretend play, and general fun. It was a great time!

And I think we gave the Ritchies a touch of our State Parkitis. We went camping with them the following weekend in this same park. It’s right in our backyard and was novel to camp so close to home. It made the weekend feel so long to be able to have so much fun with friends and still have all afternoon on Sunday to do the random outdoor upkeep of the house that spring brings.

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