Act-ing Up

17 Apr

It’s Sadie’s favorite day of the week! Time for acting class! There are 3 more classes left in the semester before the final production and she seems to have more fun every week- so much for worrying about whether she’d get bored as time went on. We got to Casa with a few minutes to spare. The kids love playing around on the steps/handrails/garders out in front of the building.


Take our picture!




The kids were excited to see bees going from flower to flower in the clover. We talked about why the do it and how important bees are to the continued existence of life as we know it on the planet. I just happened to bring  a couple of library books to read with Elijah during Sadie’s class. One of them was The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds which has a good bit in it about pollination. Elijah and I read that and then proceeded to play some Scrabble, Jr. outside in the warm sunshine. He’s decided that the beginner side of the board is no good because he can’t build his own words. He’d like to kick it up a notch the next time we play.

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