Riding Off Into the Sunset

25 Mar

The bikes are in full use as a mode of transportation and adventure. Usually I have to be on rollerblades to keep up but still have free hands in case they’re needed. It’s a great way for all of us to exercise and adventure.  We go to Bear Creek Park in Keller quite often and continue to expand our knowledge of the paved bike trails there. Oftentimes we will hitch a ride with Daddy as he goes to play basketball at the gym there, unload the bikes/blades, and head off. They’ve ridden to the bicycle shop in town on several occasions for various needs, grocery shopped (I swap blades for flip-flops to shop then carry our re-use bags in hand as I blade back), stood outside the natatorium and watched the divers, fed the ducks, traversed the giant rocks in the drainage area, gone for ice cream, watched the dog training classes in the park on our way by, appreciated the sculptures and gardens, and more! Most times, these rides end up in the evening. It is so peaceful to ride the lit trails in the dark. We love it!



We’ve been to many parks including several in Euless and hitting Trinity Park in Fort Worth one afternoon before Sadie’s acting class. There’s so much more to appreciate from the seat of a bicycle!



We also ride to do our shopping (I bring the wagon for the groceries) and to go to the library (which is slightly farther so I bike and the kids ride in the bike trailer). Errands are so much more fun to run when they’re made an adventure! Above (left) the kids climb a giant fallen tree in Euless inspecting the roots that pulled from the ground as it fell over, (right) we sit in front of Lowe’s on a trip for vegetable seeds, etc. and eat hot dogs from the vendor before our travel back, (down left) a snowy egret searches for lunch aside the Trinity River in Ft. Worth, and (down right) a cool view of the railroad tracks alongside the Trinity River.

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