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18 Mar

These are some of the most fun posts to do because they are so representative of our life- busy, random, fun, adventurous… Recently someone asked me, “do you guys ever sit still?!” There are two perspectives on this. I thought about all of the amazing things that we do, conversations we have, places we go. I blog our unschooling life because there is learning and adventure in all things. We recognize this and thrive on every moment. On the other hand, we also have a lot more time than a family whose children are enrolled in a traditional school program. This does leave us with lots of “down” time. That is, time that we’re not out and about. Even when we’re hanging around the house, though, it seems we can never be kept “down.” You’ve seen what laying low looks like in previous posts- cuddling with books, playing video games, watching TV, etc. Here are some other activities that crop up while we’re low.


Recently there has been some excitement and curiosity about time. The kids requested some in-depth information on telling time so we pulled out the wooden clock puzzle, a dry-erase placemat with analog and digital clocks on it, and Elijah’s room clock and got down to it.



Sadie decides to create her own version of the cover of The Secret Garden. Here she is copying the title and ISBN number on her drawing.


Elijah continues to be thrilled by numbers. He loves to give us verbal math quizzes and can often be found with his calculator working out equations.


Sadie makes Wall-E and EVA out of miscellaneous gatherings from the invention box. (An aside- I highly recommend keeping and invention box. Ours houses anything interesting that might otherwise go to garbage or recycling, a pair of scissors, glue stick, and various types of tape. The kids use it everyday.).


The belt broke on the vacuum cleaner. It happens just infrequently enough for me to forget how to replace it. Elijah helped me to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.


We’ve had those little beads that you put on the plastic shapes and then iron to make suncatchers (there’s a long-winded explanation for something that probably has a very simple name) for a very long time. They finally got taken out and both kids made hearts. Sadie’s was an eclectic mix of all colors of beads. Elijah’s was… pink. All pink. Nothing but pink.



Sadie dictated a story to me which she requested I write on a a dry-erase board for her to copy onto her illustrations. The introduction tired her out so she’s put it away to finish it at another time. It’s about a little girl who finds a puppy.


What to do when you’ve got a hankering for something and it just won’t go away? Make it! Elijah has been wanting yogurt and granola for some time and finally couldn’t take it anymore. He rolled up his sleeves and made his own granola. Mmmmmm!. Here’s the recipe. He used dried coconut and crushed walnuts as the extra ingredients.


We have been working on attracting a food dehydrator for some time now and just got one from a Freecycler! The kids love dried strawberries but not the retail price so now we can make our own. Dried apples have also proved to be a yummy snack. They both helped to thinly slice the fruit and lay the pieces onto the shelves. Elijah then proceeded to explain the process of dehydration to Sadie.


It all started with a Barbie book from the libary about… women’s suffrage? You’ve come a long way, Barbie. It spurred quite a lengthy conversation about Susan B. Anthony’s efforts in gaining the right of women to vote which led to recognition of the seal adopted by the movement- Sacagawea and her baby. Sadie ran to her room and pulled out this coin. Why was this picture used by the movement? Who was Sacagawea? Wikipedia, here we come. I was pressed to read every last bit, stopping periodically upon request to expand on or explain different parts. I encourage you to check out the link- fascinating! (Another aside- just because your child is not huddled around the book/computer does NOT mean he/she is not interested and listening attentively. Elijah played Wii once we had finished reading the book. He continued to comment, ask questions and respond appropriately to Sadie’s questions about Sacagawea, Lewis & Clark, etc. while being seemingly engrossed in his video game. His brain is definitely better at multi-tasking than mine!).


We have recently discovered the power of having one’s own light saber.  The power is great, Young Grasshopper.


Spring is rapidly approaching here in Texas. We’re doing some pruning required for our flowering tree and shrubs so they’ll be their best when they bloom. Here the kids prune the crepe myrtle according to the directions in The Guide to Texas Gardening- my back pocket manual.


Elijah has been disappearing lately to be found in front of the magnet board constructing words and sentences using the Leap word builder and magnetic poetry words.



Tiny seeds and tiny pots. They planted alyssum, love-in-the-mist, lavender, and marigolds. We’re feeling spring!

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  1. jhoney

    March 19, 2009 at 10:44 am

    It is wonderful to see the pictures.
    Thanks for sharing


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