Books Galore

06 Mar

We’ve gone on a library spree recently. Elijah is obsessed with the early reader Star Wars books while Sadie has found a series of books about animal and flower fairies. They’re both very interested in each other’s reading choices as well.  We can often be found still in our PJs late into the morning surrounded by library books (many other choices in addition to their favorite series) or on the computer trying to find others to request in the Ft. Worth network that we’ve not yet read. We must now search Half Price Books,, etc. b/c we’ve finally exhausted those available in our library network. Elijah, though not thrilled about baths (too lonely (though he doesn’t want company d/t to modesty) and too cold getting out), will stay in the bath all day if Star Wars books are being read aloud tubside.



We’ve also started reading the Chronicles of Narnia series together. Chris and I shared our passion for the stories in the form of the (fabulous) movies last week and now the kids are begging to have the books read to them. We’re starting with The Magician’s Nephew.

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