Ice Day

05 Feb

We had an ice day! It was very exciting and we suited up quickly to get some slippery action in before it melted.


A little boot skating.


Wiggle cars don’t go so well on the ice. Elijah was stuck at the bottom of this driveway and needed a tow.


A beautiful leaf cluster encased in ice. Sadie was bummed this was melting.


And we must take a picture of the design on the driveway that looks like a dinosaur!


There were ice pops (aka icicles hanging from cars).



I’m not even sure why we still have these ice scrapers but they made for some good fun as the kids felt incredibly useful scraping the ice off of Mema’s windows (which, if left alone, would have melted in 10 minutes anyway but… whatever.)

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One response to “Ice Day

  1. Christa

    February 8, 2009 at 10:40 am

    That leaf cluster is so cool.


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