Can’t Stay Away From Bear Creek

05 Feb

We met some of our friends at Bear Creek Park for a wheeled ride (scooter, bike, wiggle car) on the mile-long path to the playground.



Many hours of play ensued. Here Sadie, Elijah, Ethan, and Rachel play cheetahs gathering food and hiding it from scavengers in their den.


Elijah and Ethan climb and slide. This slide was the focus of much of the boys’ play as they piled the bottom high with mulch and sticks ‘ambushing’ any who dared use the slide. Great fun was had by many children as they joined the game.


Sadie plays in the sandbox with friends.


Sadie and Ehlayna hug a friend they made at the playground as we prepare for the journey back to the parking area. Very sweet.


Saddling up for  the ride back.


It was not without pause. Here Declan and Elijah peek through one end of the drainage tube…


… as Ehlayna peeks through the other.


And we were not done playing just because we had reached the parking area. More exploring was to bed had down by the creek.


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One response to “Can’t Stay Away From Bear Creek

  1. Christa

    February 8, 2009 at 10:36 am

    Looks like you guys had a blast.


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