Random and Miscellaneous Happenings

31 Jan

There are many random happenings that have photographs (and many that don’t and never get blogged) that pile up and don’t get their own post. So this is a clean-up post of some of those.

On a lovely day the kids painted their own pots and planted some flower seeds.january-27-2009-053

Sadie has signed up for a semester of drama class at Casa Manana! She is thrilled and thoroughly enjoyed her first class (taught by one of the Casa actresses whom we have seen so often in their fabulous productions).


The kids have been requesting books from the Ft. Worth library network and having them held at the local library. Most recently these include Star Wars books (guess who) and fairy books (guess who).


Elijah has been playing around on Visible Body. It’s a really cool site!


Thanks to Sid the Science Kid, we spent some time estimating how many rubber balls were in a jar and then kicked it up a notch with some Kix cereal. Their best guesses were pretty close!


Sadie makes a mean fruit salad.


We got another load of books from the library. In it are two math books using M&Ms. Candy and numbers- what could be better? We sorted, grouped, and added single and double digit numbers… I mean M&Ms. A fun snack was had by all.


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2 responses to “Random and Miscellaneous Happenings

  1. allyall

    January 31, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    I get those photo build ups too. 🙂

    What fun stuff!

  2. Christa

    February 3, 2009 at 7:46 am

    Cool class at Casa! I bet it would be right up Kaylee’s alley ;-).


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