Compost and Construction

10 Nov

Post-camping and -NH vacation, our cat and guinea pig needed some hygiene attention. We worked together on a beautiful morning cleaning out the litter box and guinea pig cage. We use natural, bio-degradable, compost-able litter and bedding but thus far have just felt better about using it for the pets and have been disposing of it traditionally. With an impending expansion of the vegetable garden, composting is on the brain. Turns out, we can’t use the animal waste, etc. for our veggie garden but if we compost it separately, we can use it for our perennial beds. So we’re (that’s right) saving it!


Elijah sits with Motley adjacent to some shells and bottle caps that were found while we were camping and are in the process of being cleaned.


Elijah and Sadie help to scoop the litter into our temporary compost bin.


We used the drill to put holes in some guinea pig chew sticks and rebuilt Motley’s hanging toy.


Once all that was done, I continued to work on the shed (post to follow) and the kids took out all the extra lumber and began building balance beams, ramps, and lots of other imaginative creations.

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One response to “Compost and Construction

  1. Christa

    November 20, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    What kind of bedding do you use? We use the recycled newspaper bedding, but I am interested in compost-able bedding for Squeaky.


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