Alliance Air Show

02 Nov

After watching youtube videos of air shows in the morning, Elijah was thrilled to take a trip to the Ft. Worth Alliance Air Show. I haven’t been to an air show since I was a kid and Chris had never been. We were excited too! There were all types of flying machines- big, small, military, civilian, jet, propellor, passenger, freight, and more! The kids were not inclined to tour the insides of any of them (good thing- lines were long!) but we did wander endlessly among them, around them, and under them. 

Elijah brought his coveted plastic airplanes and was hoping to see some that looked just like them.


We watched many breathtaking stunts and tricks in the air.

We were also able to get close enough to listen to the host discussing how this amazing parachute team analyzed the wind direction/speed by throwing streamers out first and watching their fall so that when the chuters jumped, they’d land on their (very specific) targets. They came down in a standing position looking like they were surfing on the air all the way down. 

There’s one! Definitely worth the wait. Elijah got to see one of his planes in action and it was tremendous. 

Sadie was not quite as impressed by that particular show. The noise that we found punctuated the thrill of the ground buzzes, Sadie found to be quite intrusive and annoying. Anything is tolerable, however, with a little paint. 

We were exhausted at the end of this thoroughly enjoyable excursion and, though we missed the Thunderbirds, we learned that leaving the house slightly later next year will help to conserve our energies for the finale!

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One response to “Alliance Air Show

  1. sixcrazykanes

    November 4, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    I have thought about taking the kids to this for several years now! Good to know it was enjoyable, we might have to hit it up next year.


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