A Random Rainy Day

14 Sep

After ballet and Legos and lunch with Daddy all in the same day, we needed a day of recovery. These are some of the best days.

It started bright and early with a desire for water color painting and then moving on to tempuras.

Then outside for a mad game of bumper wiggle cars- I definitely got the worst of that game. 🙂 Then Sadie took out the cool chalk wedges and created a little driveway art.

Hey! We have a woodburning tool! Decided to try a little art with that.

Elijah takes more pieces of wood out and makes a scale. He balanced it and everything and they determined that he weighs more than Sadie and I weigh more than both of them. PBS rocks.

Post-rain there was an abundance of snails all over the sidewalk- as usual. The kids spotted one that was actually out of his shell and walking- very unusual being that they are soooo tiny. They began to collect them and decided we should create a terrarium for them. Well, if we’re going to keep snails, we’d better learn about snails. So we read all about them, talked about them, and drew them! It was quite a snailtastic afternoon. They’re still hanging out with us and we continue to pick them off the outside of the bowl or the table and put them back in their terrarium. Are these escape attempts?! Elijah proceeded to let us know that since we added 8 snails to our current 4 pets, we now have 12 pets. Turns out that the zillion shells they thought would be empty decorations are inhabited by living creatures so our current pet number is…. high.


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2 responses to “A Random Rainy Day

  1. drippon

    September 14, 2008 at 8:44 pm

    I LOVE PBS!!! Have you seen Bianca in Cyberchase! I almost fell over when I heard her voice (a few years ago…) It continues to be one of Kayla’s favorites! (and secretly mine too…)

    Glad you made the best of the mess that was Ike!

  2. Christa

    September 15, 2008 at 7:23 am

    What an awesome day!


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