A Visit From Vermont

28 Aug

A close friend came in from Vermont for the week for a conference right here in the mid-cities! We were able to break him out a couple of times to experience some of the fun, culture, and… heat that is Texas! 

Our move has separated us from some very special friends that became part of our family. We were all so excited to see Jeff again. The kids had a ball showing him around and showing off a little of their newfound swimming talents.

It was tough to decide where to go/what to do with our limited time with Jeff. We decided on a quickie tour of Ft. Worth. Sadie took this picture of Jeff, myself, and Chris. ‘Good one!’ she says, once the picture is taken.

Her turn!

We had Riscky’s Barbeque (sooo yummy!) and wandered the streets. Here Elijah tries to escape the camera as we proceed to race each other down the main street in the Stockyards.

Then we headed over to The Ft. Worth Water Gardens! Dusk was dimming and I was concerned they would have closed the active pool but it was open! We walked down into the active pool and it is equally awesome and slightly disconcerting in the dark.

Jeff traveled to Texas with his daughters’ stuffed animals and took pictures of them along the way so that Abbie and Madison could trace their journey. Here they are being photographed at the bottom of the active pool.

Elijah and Jeff take a moment to consider the water as it rolls down the wall and collects at the bottom.

Sadie and Chris take a quiet moment at the quiet pool.

The roots of these trees are just too hard to resist.

Another one captured by Sadie.

The kids and Jeff try to squeeze just a little more of the experience out of the aerated pool.

From the Water Gardens, we went down the street to Sundance Square– equally lovely by streetlight. We were so happy to see, talk, and share with you, Jeff! Save travels- we LOVERMONT!


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2 responses to “A Visit From Vermont

  1. Christa

    August 29, 2008 at 9:09 am

    It’s always nice to see old friends!

  2. waltzingthroughlife

    August 30, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    What an awesome day with a good friend!

    The water gardens look gorgeous at night – wow!!

    And, way to go photographer, Sadie!! Fabulous photos!!!

    (btw — very cool that daddy Jeff did that with his girls’ toys. Sounds like a super guy).


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