Lazy Day

20 Jun

After helping the Kanes move, very little sleep, and Sadie throwing up in the morning, we all had a Lazy Day. We watched Enchanted (which we highly recommend), played race cars, built with Duplos (these blocks are fantastic- we make pets, buildings, buildings for pets, anything you can imagine, really), and at some point went to Grapevine to pick up the chandelier shade replacement that came by boat (no kidding) from some faraway land. No more balls over the upstairs railing- ever.

Then we walked the dogs around the block and ended up in the front yard. Elijah wanted to prune the chrysanthemums but couldn’t bring himself to do it yesterday as there were still a few non-brown flowers on them. Today they are all brown and he’s on it.

Sadie isn’t much of a yard maintenance girl but does love to reap the benefits. She routinely cuts flowers from various areas in the yard to decorate the house.

Sadie: “Mama, so this is where the water comes down from the roof when it rains? Then where does it go?”

Off we go. Down the driveway, down the street, looking for the drainage hole into the sewer.

We didn’t find one which is why, we gathered, that after it rains Texan cats and dogs we must leave our windows up until we are off our street because passing cars will drown us with the splash from the monumental puddles that form at the intersection.

And, of course, it wouldn’t be a day without a dip in the pool. They were a little tired as evidenced by Elijah pushing Sadie’s buttons and Sadie with the buttons-being-pushed face.

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One response to “Lazy Day

  1. waltzingthroughlife

    June 20, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    You guys were more active this day than we were. 🙂 We “vegged” in the house all day Thursday.
    I love Sadie’s “buttons being pushed” face.


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