Dallas Children’s Museum

08 Apr

Sadie explores the farm- picking out vegetables, milking the cow, and riding the tractor.

Check this guy! This snake had just shed his skin. His neighbor was in the process. Cool!

Slithering, swimming, squirming little creatures have found their man. Elijah is enthralled with all small animals.
Here he shows Sadie the red eared slider turtle. Sadie wears her red (‘fire’) ant hat as she’s been crawling through the ant tunnels.

Mema and Sadie- the hat ladies.

Look closely and you’ll see the turtles all in a row resting on the sculpture. There are several of these areas that are unreachable by kids- all were inhabited by turtles.

The kids loved walking all over this sculpture in the pond outside of the museum.

These are the moments that unschooling
Elijah shows traditionally schooled mama the truth of life. Sure he can read. He’ll read because he wants to, because he’s interested in what he’s doing- not because he cares to show anyone or be critiqued. Here he sits down at the computer without guidance, listens to the program instructions, and chooses the appropriate word to fill in the sentence. Learning from life- it works.

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