Overcome by Letterboxing

16 Nov

Yes, we’ve caught the bug. And we’ve got it bad. We’re now official letterboxers with handcarved stamps and trail names: Mama (me), Holy Moses (Chris), Speedy (Elijah), and Lulu (Sadie). Our maiden voyage was a trip to Bear Creek Park to turn up a box and figure out what we were doing as a family. The second trip out we did with our LEAP group and what a blast! We had a great day with our friends- running, playing, laughing, and…finding 3 boxes!

Here’s the letterboxing lowdown for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about:
What is letterboxing? (from
“Letterboxing, at its basic, is a like a treasure hunt type game. Small boxes are hidden in various locations—usually outdoors, though many are planted indoors as well—and the creator of the box will release clues so others can go out and find them later. The box is expected to have a logbook that finders can log into and a unique stamp, usually hand-carved, that the finder can stamp into their own personal logbook as a record of all the letterboxes they’ve found. Most letterboxers have a unique stamp to represent themselves, called a signature stamp, they stamp into the logbooks found inside letterboxes so others who find the letterbox later know they found it.”

Since Bear Creek we’ve found a couple of others in Keller and surrounding towns and one at the Dallas Arboretum (see next post for our Arboretum adventure). The boxes are planted all over the world so we are looking forward to letterboxing on all of our journeys!

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