San Antonio Adventure- Day 2

07 Oct
Sea World Homeschool Day

What a blast! We saw informative and fun demonstrations featuring the smallest variety of sea otter (capping off the week as we had just seen the largest variety at DWA), sea lion, walrus, and killer whale. All were outstanding. The floor to ceiling aquariums were amazing and we could have sat in front of them all day.

Dolphins swim here in a huge tank and come inches from us. Sadie and I fed them fish while Elijah was content to be close and observe.

Elijah stares intently at the poison dart frogs- gorgeous and amazing!

Both the kids are enamored with flamingos. Whether here, DWA, or DFW Zoo, that’s the first animal they ask to see and persist until their request is fulfilled. Did you know flamingos stand on one foot to keep warm? Bringing one leg up into their body helps them to conserve their body heat (here I thought they were just trying to rest one while they stood on the other).

The killer whale show/demonstration was phenomenal. We had first row seats in the splash zone (no splashing though 😦 along the ‘beach’ area where the whales come right up on the land. Positively unbelievable. It was very moving to watch these immense animals move so gracefully and at such close range. Unfortunately taking video and watching sometimes don’t work together and I seem to have just missed every breech.

The Alamo

In all its glory- the main mission building of The Alamo. The architecture alone is worth going to see. It is a literal fortress surrounded by handmade stone walls with beautifully gardened grounds inside. The whole thing is smack dab in the middle of bustling downtown San Antonio- very strange.

Elijah and Sadie check out a bench made of a hollowed out log. They love to sit-test all benches- especially exotic ones!

Elijah pushed Sadie all over the grounds.

My little buddy and I listening to the history of The Alamo. He was riveted. It was very interesting but I would definitely need to research it more to be able to follow who was who and the chronology of it all. Elijah was entranced by the recounting of the battle and also really enjoyed the miniature model of the battle scene in the gift shop.


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2 responses to “San Antonio Adventure- Day 2

  1. Jessica

    October 8, 2007 at 2:38 am

    Hey, why do they call it homeschooling if you’re never home!?! How far away was SeaWorld? I would love to take the kids there. It’s my favorite “amusement” park.

  2. Sarah, Chris, Elijah & Sadie

    October 8, 2007 at 4:47 am

    Sea World is on the outskirts of San Antonio. It is about 5 hours away (stopping in way cool Austin breaks it up). There is so much to do in San Antonio. We could’ve filled another week and then some. Must go back…


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