San Antonio Adventures- Day 3

03 Oct

After getting out of the campground a little late (cooking a big breakfast and then cleaning everything up afterwards proved to be much more time consuming than either M or I remembered (pre-children experience only…), we headed off to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. Currently they have a section that is devoted to a Dora the Explorer and Diego the Animal Rescuer (they’re cousins for those of you not in on this Nickelodeon delight) garden in which the kids follow a map and clues to help find various things along the way.This was a big hit to say the least. All the kids thought it was fabulous to combine flowers, dirt, musical instruments, games, and two of their favorite characters.

Elijah questions why a cactus, whose protective mechanism is its ‘pokey things’, would not have them as with this particular succulent. I did not know the answer.

Elijah and Sadie in the Japanese garden- gorgeous (the kids and the garden).

Our camping crew (from left)- Sadie, Elijah, M, H, and L.

Leaving the botanical gardens with Elijah in my arms and blood dripping from his shin (he fell and skinned himself on a rock in the foodee garden), we had lunch in the parking lot and moved on to The Riverwalk- an area for which San Antonio is famous.

The Riverwalk is outstanding, gorgeous, fun! I would love to go back and just stay right there to eat and explore some more. We took a boat down a mile and a half section of the river with a guide giving us all sorts of interesting information and history about the area. The Riverwalk itself is about 3 1/2 miles long (sidewalks on either side of the river (complete with river taxis) with bridges that go over the river for crossing) and continues to be expanded for tourism purposes. It is lined with shops and restaurants with seating right on the sidewalks.Sadie and Elijah (note bandaged shin) pose completely spontaneously on a walk along the Riverwalk.

Capping off the day with a small newspaper fire (extensive kindling/wood quest turned up NOTHING) to make some s’mores. OK- not s’mores. No one ate the marshmallows they roasted. It was really just an excuse to eat pieces of chocolate in the dark….


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2 responses to “San Antonio Adventures- Day 3

  1. KMDuff

    October 4, 2007 at 4:53 am

    those are some great photos! I love the collage from the botanical gardens. Cute. Your commentary is fun to read too. I look tired in that picture! How funny. 🙂

  2. Jessica

    October 8, 2007 at 2:34 am

    Hey, I “know” your Duff friends. They’re on the Unschooling webring I’m on so I sometimes stumble upon them when clicking through a few blogs. Small unschooling world…


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