San Antonio Adventure- Day 4

03 Oct

Natural Bridge Caverns

We hit the caverns after packing up the campsite on Saturday morning. While bummed that camping was over, they were very excited to go into some caves and to come home and see Daddy.

The kids had to hit the welcome dinosaurs before the cavern excursion. That’s Elijah over the blue plate!

Walking through these caves was absolutely amazing. Absolutely nothing can touch the walls or any formation inside the caverns (it’s a felony) as the oils from skin, etc. inhibit further growth/formation of the rock. Try keeping a tired Sadie from leaning on the walls…. The caves were breathtaking. It’s truly fabulous to consider that there is such beauty that lies beneath the ground. And it’s fun to hear the kids say ‘stalactites’ and ‘stalagmites.’

These dark markings on the ceiling are evidence of bats that lived in this cave thousands of years ago. The acids from their skin stained the stone here. Also note the pile of guano that they left that is several feet deep- who knew bats set aside a bathroom area?

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One response to “San Antonio Adventure- Day 4

  1. KMDuff

    October 3, 2007 at 11:04 pm

    GREAT pictures! 🙂 Still need to figure out how to share! 🙂


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