20/20- Stupid in America

05 Aug

20/20 recently did a piece on American schools that is quite eye-opening entitled Stupid in America. I do hate that word (stupid- not America ;). You will see, however, that it refers to the institution in this case- not the children- though the end result is the same. What is the answer to improving our public school system and meeting the educational needs of our children? The problems are complicated and many. What other countries are doing and scholars/leaders are proposing have definite potential.

Why do we care since we aren’t sending our children to public school? We care about the future of all children and the future of this country. Educating others helps us all. Chris and I voted in favor of increasing taxes in Bedford, NH so that the town could have its own high school (even though we knew our children wouldn’t be going there). I am not, however, in favor of increasing taxes so that public schools can continue on the path that they are on. Please watch this and consider the points. 2008 is an election year- make changes in our educational system a priority and consider what these changes might be! It affects us all.

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