Elijah’s surgery

25 Mar

Elijah had a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy/ear tube placement on Friday (yesterday). I have no pictures- it just didn’t seem appropriate ;). He’s doing absolutely amazing and putting his Mama to shame who was doped up on vicodin for weeks after a similar procedure (I was 26- give me a break…). You wouldn’t even know he’d had a procedure today- 24 hours later. He ate like a horse yesterday (after the nurse said he might not even want to sip anything!) and is extremely disgruntled with the softer-side food diet to which he is restricted (although nothing too big will go down). None of the options sound appealing after they’ve been reeled off for every snack and mealtime. We’re keeping him down for the sake of the healing process but it’s very much against his will.

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